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Starts From Sep 1st, 2020

Skills / JD :

A highly skilled computer vision engineer is responsible to solve real-world problems using computer vision, the ideal candidate a passionate individual that is both experienced and eager to learn new techniques. He’ll be working on state-of-the-art robotics and autonomous vehicles problems; he must incorporate high skills in various fields to be successful.


  • Be responsible for designing computer vision algorithms and implementing them in robust, efficient, and well-tested code in C++ / Python or other suitable programming languages.
  • Solve real-world computer vision challenges such as lane detection, object detection and classification, tracking, sensor fusion, localization, mapping, or sensor calibration.
  • Integrate both novel and well-established techniques such as deep neural networks, decision trees, semantic segmentation, triangulation, or point cloud processing on camera and laser data.
  • Collaborate closely with other experts on the team, including the planning and systems engineering and team management.

Strong technical background. BS, MS or PhD with academic or industry experience in designing and implementing computer vision algorithms. You are a skilled software engineer with experience in C++ and strong problem-solving skills. You are passionate about solving real-world robotics problems, and you have ideally worked on autonomous robots before. Prior knowledge of working with deep neural networks is a plus.

Desired Skills

  • Deep Neural Networks experience.
  • Master or Diploma Degree in Computer Science is a plus

Resources :

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