GTech is the collaborative of IT companies in Kerala

Chairman's Message

The last few years have seen dramatic digital transformation initiatives across geographies, across sectors. Many of our members have been at the forefront of enabling businesses across the world to embrace digital transformation. GTECH has supported and will continue to support the member companies to make the most of these opportunities through a strategy of collaborations and partnerships with a global outlook, close cooperation with the Government of Kerala around policy advocacy and execution, collaboration with other industry bodies, facilitation of cooperation between member companies and contributing back to the community (CSR).

This has seen us take our member companies to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with the support of Government of Kerala, work closely with Kerala Technical University around curricular reforms, building knowledge sharing platforms covering technology, business and policy. We have played a significant role in the Flood Rehabilitation efforts in Kerala in 2018 and 2019.

The COVID-19pandemic has perhaps accentuated the need for more of digital initiatives, but the expected negative impact on global aggregate demand has meant that there is an unprecedented level of uncertainty in the environment. We are closely monitoring the situation and are extending the needed hand holding and support to member companies who approached us and will continue doing that along with providing the relevant information to member companies to tide over this crisis in a timely manner. We are also working closely with the Government of Kerala around this. Our focus in these times will be to support our member companies sustain their businesses and do it in a manner that is compliant with the social contract that we are party to. We are also responding to the economic and public health emergency that our home state of Kerala is currently going through. We have supported relief work as well as the work of the public health system. We will continue to support various initiatives in this regard. We are sure as members of GTECH, we will rise to the occasion and display the leadership mettle each one of us have in ourselves.

VK Mathews - Founder and Executive Chairman of IBS Software