GTech is the collaborative of IT companies in Kerala

GTECH sets up support system for crisis-ridden IT firms in the State

Published on Jun 28, 2020
Source : The New Indian Express


GTech (Group of Technology Companies), a collaborative of IT companies in the state, has set up a round-the-clock support system for the companies hit hard by Covid-19 and lockdown. The collective is also in talks with the state government for collaboration in setting up a war room and FLTC (front line treatment centre) for the public in a district as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

According to the GTech officials, a portal has been set up so that member companies can cooperate and use each others’ strengths to capitalise on many emerging opportunities. The portal enables the companies to quickly augment teams with new skills to pivot to new areas and deploy free resources to avoid underutilisation. The new support system will enhance managing operations in the new normal, pivoting to new opportunity areas for sustainability and handling negative cash flow situations in companies in the present scenario.